PJ Mustipher spent some time on Wednesday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to throw his support behind Penn  State analyst Deion Barnes as a candidate for the defensive line coach vacancy.

“I want Coach Franklin to hire him,” he said. “I think he should because he put a lot of work into our defensive line … I spent a lot of time in the offseason with Deion and just working on a lot of different stuff, my footwork, my hands, eyes, technique, all that. He’s really hard on me, we spent a lot of hours watching film and a lot of time correcting me, whether you’re cussing me out or how bad I played in a game. All that, man, it’s helped me get to where I’m at.”

As Mustipher gets set for the NFL Draft, he credited teammates with helping him.

“Being surrounded by dawgs helps you elevate your game,” he said.