Like the rest of us watching Saturday’s rivalry game between Pitt and Penn State, Micah Parsons was stunned by Pat Narduzzi’s decision to kick a field goal with the ball right on the goal line in the fourth quarter. He thought for sure the Panthers, trailing 17-10, would try to tie the game.

Instead, Narduzzi ran his special teams unit on the field with less than five minutes left on the clock. The kick was missed, and Penn State ended up holding on to a 17-10 victory over the its rival in the 100th meeting between the two teams.

Parsons thought Pitt should’ve taken a chance.

“Oh, definitely,” Parsons said when asked if he was surprised by Pitt’s field goal attempt. “That was a great opportunity for them. Take a chance. You have nothing to lose. If you don’t get it, we’re backed up.”

After the game, Narduzzi attempted to justify his decision, saying Pitt still needed two scores to win the game. A touchdown, at that juncture, would’ve tied the contest.

Pitt did get one more opportunity to tie the game, but a Hail Mary pass fell incomplete and Penn State was able to take the 100th meeting by that 17-10 score. PSU won the four-game series 3-1 and now owns the all-time lead by 10 games.

There have been plenty of memorable moments in this rivalry, but this decision will go down as one of the all-time head-scratching moments.