On Tuesday, a CBS report surfaced that three former Penn State players were involved in a concussion-related, class-action lawsuit against the university, the B1G and the NCAA.

Less than 24 hours later, that number is down to one.

According to pennlive.com, both Eric Ravotti and James Boyd removed themselves as plaintiffs. Both were reportedly told different stories than what was reported by CBS.com.

Boyd dropped his name on Tuesday night, and cited that he wasn’t told that the B1G and Penn State would be part of the lawsuit. He thought it was just a case against the NCAA.

Ravotti stated that he wasn’t aware he was even named a plaintiff in the class-action suit and that he didn’t have a grievance against the university or anything the case supported.

Here’s what Ravotti told Pennlive.com in an email:

“Currently, I do not suffer from any “cognitive functioning, such as memory and mood swings” and find this statement utterly ridiculous in my case,” Ravotti wrote in an email to PennLive on Wednesday.

“I do have concerns about the many concussions I had during my playing days, but that is something I will deal with if it ever happens. To suggest this when it is a statement that I have never made, is utterly ridiculous.”

CBS reported that Penn State was one of six schools that had filed class-action lawsuits against the NCAA and other conferences or universities for their negligence in concussion-related injuries.

The only player left from the originally reported group of Penn State players involved in the case is former PSU defensive back Robert Samuels. It remains to be seen if he’ll take similar action in the coming days.