Penn State is not totally on board with Friday night lights.

With the news that the B1G would begin having six Friday night games every season starting in 2017, the Lions voiced a response of their own.

They informed the B1G that they would not host a game on Friday night.

Here was their public statement:


Michigan is also among those refusing to host Friday night games. The Wolverines, however, stated they wouldn’t participate in home or road Friday night games.

For what it’s worth, the agreement was that the bigger venues would not have to host Friday night games often. Ohio State is only hosting one Friday night game every three years.

Each team is only going to be scheduled for one Friday night game per season.

B1G Commissioner Jim Delany admitted that the move was made to capitalize on the TV market and not get lost in the shuffle on Saturday afternoon.

Without two of the conference’s biggest viewing audiences totally on board, the move certainly wasn’t universally agreed upon.