Still, Jerry Sandusky is maintaining his innocence.

The former Penn State assistant coach took the stand for the first time since he was convicted of molesting children and sentenced to 30 years in prison back in 2012.

Now, Sandusky wants a new trial because he claimed his defense team botched his case. According to, Sandusky claimed that he was forced into a national TV interview with Bob Costas that he was unprepared for. He claimed that his then-defense lawyer, Joe Amendola, did not prep him for the questions that were going to be asked over the phone.

Here was the line of questioning that ensued on Friday in Centre County Courthouse, according to

“When were you made aware of the interview?” appellate attorney Al Lindsay asked Sandusky on the stand Friday.

“15 minutes before the interview,” Sandusky responded. “My understanding was that Joe [Amendola] was going to be interviewed by Costas and then go on the NBC Today show the next day.”

“How did you learn that you were to be the interviewee?” Lindsay continued.

“Mr. Amendola called me just prior to when the interview occurred. At that time he said to me ‘Jerry, they want to interview you,’ and he said ‘I think you should do it. All you have to do is say you’re innocent.’ That was the extent of what I was expecting.”

Sandusky was asked repeatedly if he was guilty. He maintained that he was not and said that the idea of that “was absolutely foreign” to him before he was put on trial. He also said that sexuality assaulting a child was “disgusting” and “something he never would have thought of.”

Because of his high-profile trial, Sandusky said that his defense was “chaotic.” He denied being fully informed about talks between the prosecution and the defense, which he said left him out of the decision-making process.

Friday was the first day of Sandusky’s three-day appeals hearing that will continue later in August.