We can all agree that the name “Saquon” is an interesting name. It’s not a common name that’s going to be seen on a lot of rosters.

So, when Mike Hall interviewed Penn State’s Saquon Barkley on Monday after a 202-yard, one TD performance in a 38-14 win over Maryland that landed the running back B1G Offensive Player of the Week honors, the BTN host was interested in more than just the performance on Saturday afternoon.

Intrigued by Barkley’s first name, Hall asked the Penn State back what the story behind his name was. His response was fantastic:

That’s right, the Nittany Lions could’ve had Tupac Shakur Barkley in their locker room. Or maybe the sophomore would’ve attempted a music career instead of football. We’ll never know, but it’s an interesting note that “Saquon” wasn’t his father’s first choice.

If he continues to dominate like he did last Saturday, Barkley’s name might become just as popular as Tupac Shakur someday.