Saquon Barkley is the talk of social media again. This time, the New York Giants running back made one of the best catches behind the line of scrimmage you might ever see — and made it look easy.

In the first half of Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, Mike Glennon found himself under pressure and needed to get rid of the football quickly. He was able to dump the ball of to Barkley, but the throw was slightly off target.

That proved to not be a problem for Barkley. The running back snagged the pass with 1 hand before turning up field for a nice gain. Below is the clip:

One heck of a play by one of the most athletic running backs in the NFL right now.

Barkley has rushed for 379 yards and 2 touchdowns entering Sunday’s contest against the Cowboys. He’s also caught 43 passes for 224 yards and a pair of touchdowns.