If you’re playing football in the B1G, you better be prepared to battle the rain, snow and shine.

But none of that seems to bother Saquon Barkley.

The Penn State running back was recently featured on edition of ESPN’s Sports Science, a show dedicated to studying how the bodies of athletes respond to a variety of situations.

Barkley’s challenge? The weather test.

ESPN tested Barkley’s performance after undergoing three different weather changes: extreme heat, extreme cold and rain. Here’s how the stud back performed after each of those scenarios:

Defenders and weather alike have trouble slowing down the Heisman hopeful.

While his 8.3 second time after riding a stationary bike in 170-degree heat was impressive – it actually was better than Ezekiel Elliott’s time – what might be most noteworthy that his time never slowed by more than one half-second.

Pretty remarkable stuff.

What’s the moral to the story?

It doesn’t matter where or in what climate Barkley is playing in. He simply can’t be stopped.