Saquon Barkley secured the 24-20 home win for the New York Giants to take down the Baltimore Ravens. The former Penn State Nittany Lions star running back found the end zone for with 1:43 left in the game to give New York the lead.

Baltimore dual-threat QB Lamar Jackson was sacked two plays later by New York edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux. Jackson fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

On the ensuing drive’s second play, Barkley found himself going to the outside and could have scored another touchdown with 1:24 left. However, he opted to slide down short of the end zone after picking up a first down.

Rather than be up by 11-points with over a 1:20 left and put the ball into Jackson’s hand, Barkley wanted the game to end by running out the clock. This got the Giants the guaranteed 24-20 home win to proceed to a 5-1 record.

Barkley finished the game rushing for 83 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries.