There are the standard questions that reporters after a game, and then there are some that are a little outside the scope of normal.

After the Giants beat Green Bay 27-22 on Sunday, Giants RB Saquon Barkley was asked the most bizarre question by a reporter.

“So many guys say if I took the confidence out of your head right now, out of your heart, and put it on a scale, how much confidence you have in yourself and this team, how heavy would that scale be?”

Although to most people the question seems akin to asking how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, Barkley seemed to understand, retorting quickly “on a scale of 1-10…10”

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

A Penn State alum, Barkley had a stellar game against the Packers on Sunday, rushing for 70 yards and a touchdown, with 3 receptions for another 36 yards. Barkley has rushed for 463 yards so far this season, the most in the league.