Sean Clifford is entering his final season at Penn State. His name was also thrust into the spotlight Friday in connection to a new players association at the collegiate level.

According to reports, Clifford is leading that players association from the B1G in beginning dialogue with Commissioner Kevin Warren. That player’s association is reportedly having discussions about seeking revenue sharing and improved medical care for college athletes.

Friday evening, Clifford released a statement regarding his role and ongoing dialogue with leadership. According to Clifford, he is having discussions with leadership but is not currently a part of the larger association.

“As a student-athlete at Penn State, and a member of the football team, I have had very positive and open discussions with Coach (James) Franklin, Director of Athletics Pat Kraft and Big Ten Conference Commissioner Kevin Warren about the changing landscape of college sports and how those changes are, and will continue to, impact student-athletes,” wrote Clifford.

“It is important to state that my dialogues with my coach, athletics director and commissioner were conducted as a student-athlete. To characterize my dialogue as being on behalf of a union or as a union member would be inaccurate.

“In the last 90 days, the CFBPA presented interesting ideas to me and my teammates with the goal of joining their college football players’ association. However, at this time, I along with many players are committed to working at the campus and conference level to address the complexities of collegiate athletics for student-athletes.”