The Bob Shoop saga added another odd chapter on Thursday.

Days after it was reported that the former Penn State defensive coordinator was being sued by the university in a breach of contract suit, Shoop responded in interesting fashion. reported that Shoop issued a counterclaim in U.S. Middle District Court, which stated that he was fired from the university. Shoop, who left Penn State for the same position at Tennessee after the 2015 season, is being sued for the $891,856 that was left on his contract.

Shoop’s claim, however, stated that he experienced a “hostile, negative work environment” and that his working conditions became “intolerable.”

According to, Shoop is seeking more than $75,000 in damages. In the suit, Shoop reportedly claimed that his hostile working conditions began after he signed his contract at Penn State in 2015.

News of Shoop’s departure for Tennessee was reported on Jan. 9, 2016, which was a day before he claimed he was fired at Penn State.

As part of Shoop’s agreement with Tennessee, he was held accountable for the nearly $900,000 remaining on his contract if he didn’t get a head coaching job within a year of leaving. Shoop is, of course, entering his second season at Tennessee.

But according to Shoop’s counterclaim, that was put in his contract as a “threat” from Penn State to prevent him from leaving. He also claimed that he was “under duress” when he signed the contract in 2015.

Penn State issued the following statement to

“Under the terms of his employment contract with Penn State, Coach Shoop is obligated to make a liquidated damages payment to the university resulting from the termination by Coach Shoop of his employment prior to the end of the contract term.  We are filing suit against him to recover this mutually agreed upon amount.”