By now, you likely know the latest wacky Jim Harbaugh story.

But in case you don’t, or you just need a refresher, here’s a rundown.

Harbaugh plans on arriving at the house of Penn State commit Quinn Nordin, the nation’s No. 1 kicker, the minute the dead period ends on Friday at 12:01 a.m. Harbaugh said the two could watch movies together and that he’d even be willing to sleep on the floor in his room, which is loaded with Penn State posters. Harbaugh offered to take those down if it made the situation awkward. He went so far as to say that he’ll shadow Nordin in school on Friday.

Whatever Harbaugh could do to make Nordin flip to in-state Michigan, he’d do.

The story made the national rounds on Tuesday, as most things Harbaugh usually do. To Penn State fans, it might’ve sounded like another inevitable departure in an offseason that’s already been filled with them.

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The Detroit News did a follow-up with Nordin. He admitted that he and Harbaugh had been talking on social media and that the conversation they on the phone had cracked him up.

It’s just recruiting, he said.

“But I’m committed to Penn State. It’s a great school, and I love the coaches. They have my back … It’ll be extremely hard to swing me away,” Nordin told the Detroit News.

Harbaugh will have plenty of time to accomplish an “extremely hard” flip. After their sleepover, Nordin said he’ll take Harbaugh to school for a little while then drive to Ann Arbor for his official visit.

Nordin also has official visits to Baylor and Penn State before he officially announces his decision on National Signing Day.

He actually told the Detroit News that his interest in Michigan went away when special teams coordinator John Baxter left for USC last week. Harbaugh took it upon himself to restore the relationship with Nordin following Baxter’s departure.

But to get Nordin to switch to Michigan, it sounds like Harbaugh will have to do more than make him laugh at his unconventional recruiting methods.