The SEC officiating crew for the Auburn-Penn State game in Week 3 was the subject of a lot of scrutiny, and head coach James Franklin took time to get one more shot at the crew on Thursday night.

When all was said and done, both teams and fanbases were upset with the officials. Penn State lost one down due to an officiating error while Auburn lost a player due to a close targeting call. Then, a late non-call against Penn State’s defense contrasted with a pass interference call against Auburn’s defense.

Neither side was happy, though the Nittany Lions came away with the win. And Franklin is not letting that officiating performance go quite yet.

During his Penn State Coaches Show Thursday, Franklin admitted he is grateful – for once – to see a B1G crew working his game:

“I think we have Big Ten officials this week,” said Franklin, according to Lions 247. “So I don’t know if I would ever have said this before, but thank God.”

Hopefully, the officiating crew is locked in this time around.