He didn’t outright say it, but James Franklin was still clearly upset about some issues during Penn State’s win over Auburn last week.

The officiating was a hot topic during the game, especially when the referees appeared to skip a down entirely. Franklin didn’t directly comment on the officiating, but said his team was “fighting more than Auburn.”

Franklin also talked about Twitter — yes, you read that right. Some users joke about how muting people is better than blocking them, and Franklin brought that up when talking about staying focused on the task at hand. Apparently, he’s found the mute button.

The snark continued. Sean Clifford had a big game for Penn State in the victory over Auburn, but wasn’t named one of the B1G Offensive Players of the Week this week. Franklin made it clear he thought his QB should’ve been recognized — not that he’s biased or anything.

When you coach the No. 6 team in the country, you’ve earned the right to have a little snark in your pressers.