It’s an unprecedented time in our country right now. And while there are things occurring that are much bigger than sports, there’s no denying that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the sports world. Though we’re still five months away from kickoff, college football teams are feeling the effects.

Spring practices have been canceled already and there’s conversations about a potential delay in the season, or perhaps games being played without fans. Recruiting has been put on hold and players and coaches are forced to meet over video applications for meetings and film study.

There’s a lot of self-accountability happening right now among players and coaches. James Franklin says that whoever is best prepared to handle adversity will be in good shape when football activities return.

“The most successful teams are going to handle this the best and come out of this the best,” Franklin said while meeting with reporters via teleconference. “Are we going to be where we were before? No, but nobody else will. We’re still competing with all the top programs around the country. And the best programs and best individuals are going to handle this adversity the best.”

All teams are dealing with the same circumstances right now. Nobody is able to practice and coaches are limited in what they can do on the recruiting trail. Nobody was really prepared for this situation.

When team activities pick back up and the 2020 season rolls around, we might be quick to find which teams handled adversity the best.