Urban Meyer knows football. He knows Ohio State football better than most. And because of it, he knows where its weaknesses are.

During a segment on The Big Ten Network, Meyer broke down several keys that could help No. 13 Penn State pull off the upset of the week. The biggest way to do so is to win with screen plays.

According to the former Buckeyes’ coach, the 1st key is to have the offensive line “sell” the run to create separation for a screen pass out in the flats to a running back.

The 2nd key is for the offensive line to know its role. Meyer called the rule “1st out, 1st up, 1st in” meaning after the center or guard takes the defensive line out of the play, someone must follow suit as the “1st up” to make the next block.

After that, the “1st out” needs to be moving downfield as the leader blocker in space.

The final rule, according to Meyer, is based on the timing of the running back. He will need to be in motion with the “1st out” offensive lineman to make sure he has ample running room.

The Nittany Lions feature 3 quality runners in Nick Singleton, Kaytron Allen and Keyvone Lee all at James Franklin’s disposal to run screen route. Kickoff from Beaver Stadium is set for noon ET on FOX.