Penn State-Pitt was expected to be a nail-biter. With as much trash as both sides were talking — in a roundabout way — this had the anticipation of one of the top games on the Saturday slate.

It was exactly the opposite. And DeAndre Thompkins blew it wide open.

With the Nittany Lions holding a 23-6 late in the third, there was still some sense of hope for the Panthers. But they were forced to punt from their own end zone, almost guaranteeing Penn State great field position.

Thompkins turned it into six points after housing the punt return.

The punt return gave Penn State a 30-6 lead with little time remaining in the third quarter, all but icing the victory.

Penn State improves to 2-0 with the win over Pitt and has now won the last two meetings in the series. The Nittany Lions close out the non-conference schedule next Saturday against Kent State.