To some people, Charlie Shuman is viewed as an intimidating figure. The 6-foot-8, 325 pound Penn State offensive lineman has a pretty menacing frame. But to Maiya Colón and her family, Shuman is a gentle giant.

Shuman, a fifth-year senior, has a unique bond with the Colón family. After learning that Maiya was born seven weeks premature and battles a rare condition, he set up a charity, “Big Helping Little,” to help assist the family in 2014. Since then, Maiya and Shuman have been inseparable.

Earlier this year, Maiya was on hand to help deliver a special message to Shuman. The senior lineman was put on scholarship by head coach James Franklin. It was an incredible moment in the offseason.

Now, ESPN ran a feature on Maiya, Shuman and their special bond. And it’s a truly incredible story. The video of the SportsCenter feature can be viewed below.