James Franklin has turned Penn State’s football program around and there’s no doubt about it.

Look at the wins, look at the recruiting classes he brings in, look at whatever you want. The man has done good things for the Nittany Lions.

He also has his traditions that he has carried with him throughout the years. One of them is repeating the team’s name on Twitter that he is going up against in the upcoming game. Penn State is facing Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, so here was Franklin’s tweet the Thursday prior to the game:

He does this for his program to show what the mindset is. And this week, it’s about beating Kentucky. It’s not about anything else.

However, Kentucky’s fan base “Big Blue Nation” took offense to this and fired back at him on Twitter.

At the Citrus Bowl press conference with Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops, Franklin actually asked Stoops to have Big Blue Nation leave him alone (jokingly).

Take a look:

This was pretty funny. Kentucky’s fans surely won’t let up and Franklin of course knew that.

Neither team will let up, and Penn State’s fan base is down in Orlando ready for the clash.