It started two years, when the parents of Penn State receiver KJ Hamler decided to give the gift of song and dance to their son for his 18th birthday. And now, for a third-straight year, Latonya Gooding and Thomas Hamler have provided another birthday rap.

Hamler turned 20 years old on Monday, and he received another birthday rap. It didn’t disappoint.

The birthday rap that Hamler has received have gone viral across B1G country and have even been featured during some of Penn State’s football games. There’s a good chance this one makes an appearance sometime in the 2019 season, as well.

But be sure you enjoy it while you can. At the end of the video, Gooding says this is the last birthday rap she scripts. That means Hamler will have to find some other way to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Below is the video, which was posted from Hamler’s Twitter account: