Every year, Penn State hosts THON, a 46-hour dance marathon that helps to raise money for families that have been affected by childhood cancer. And every year, the event is a huge success.

Groups, teams and organizations from across PSU take part in THON, which is the largest student-run philanthropy organization in the country. Around midnight on Saturday, the Nittany Lions football team took the stage with their dance routine:

That performance was choreographed pretty well. And how about that backflip? Pretty impressive stuff.

Even James Franklin thought his team performed at a high level:

THON has been in operation on Penn State’s campus for over 40 years and has raised over $136 million and has assisted over 3,700 families in need. In 2016, the 46-hour dance marathon raised over nine million dollars.

This has become one of the most popular fundraising events across the country and continues to gain enormous support locally and nationally.