We heard about Wisconsin’s defense all season long.

But when it came to a fourth-and-one situation with just over a minute left in the game, it was Penn State’s defense that gobbled up one of the B1G’s top running backs to claim its first B1G title in the conference’s division era.

When the Badgers needed a first down, Bart Houston handed off to reliable running back Corey Clement, needing three feet to keep their B1G title hopes alive. Instead, Grant Haley and the Lions defense shut down the play:

The stop solidified the win for Penn State, which overcame a 28-7 deficit.

Haley, you might remember, also blocked the field goal against Ohio State back in October to record one of the top wins in college football this season.

Penn State won its first conference title outright in 22 years on Saturday.

That’s going to be a play that’s remembered in Penn State history for a long, long time.