Everyone knows it’s coming. You can just kind of feel it in the air.

Alright, that was my really bad attempt at humor. But you know what actually was pretty funny (and awesome)? How about two college quarterbacks who are in perfect synchronization for the most recognizable drum solo in music?

During practice earlier this week, Paddy Cotter, who covers Penn State football, was able to catch quarterbacks Trace McSorley and Tommy Stevens playing the air drums to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” song. But what makes the video so great is that the two gunslingers are in perfect synchronization.

It’s like they’ve practice it before.

It’s a small thing, but it’s still impressive.

Penn State is gearing up for its rivalry game with Pitt this weekend, a matchup that will be aired in primetime.

Maybe if the Nittany Lions come away with a win, the entire team can have a synchronized celebration to the song. That would be the only way this gets any better.