In case you were wondering, Saquon Barkley is still good at football!

The former Penn State star is now with the New York Giants, and he is looking to play an even bigger role in the offense in his second NFL season. Early signs in Week 1 are that Barkley will indeed be very busy with New York’s offensive attack.

It should be noted that Barkley escaped disaster on his first play from scrimmage, fumbling after a short gain. The Giants recovered to keep the drive alive. Fortunately, he more than made up for that miscue on the very next play.

Barkley took the ball on a simple run up the middle that was well blocked. He beat the Dallas safety that took a bad angle on the play and hit the sideline, nearly outracing everyone. Though Barkley did not score, he set up an early touchdown for the Giants. He already has 90 total yards of offense early on.

Get used to seeing more of this in the NFL: