What can Saquon Barkley do?

The better question probably is what can’t Barkley do?

Sure, he can run. Yes, he can catch. OK, he can pass-block, too. What more do you want from him?

How about flying? Can Barkley fly?

The answer is yes. Take a look at him take flight against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 of the NFL — Barkley’s final game of his rookie season:

Barkley went Air Barkley on this one. Sorry, Mike.

But seriously, the athleticism that Barkley possesses is just unreal. We saw it for years at Penn State and Nittany Lion fans will never forget it. Being selected No. 2 overall means that the New York Giants firmly believed that Barkley was a game-changer.

Indeed, he has been. The Giants’ record may not show it, but Barkley has been incredible. He has broken many records this season both in individual games and for season-long statistics.

On Sunday, he broke a couple more records:

Barkley ended up passing Reggie Bush in receptions for a season by a rookie RB in his final game and finished with 91.

But, that’s not all.

Barkley also topped the 2,000 total yards mark in a season against the Cowboys thanks to his 142 total yards. He finished with 2,028 — becoming the third rookie in NFL history to pass the 2,000-yard mark.

Barkley is fantastic. And, we’ve known that for years now.