Tailgaters are always prepared for every circumstance. Whether there’s a massive heatwave, a torrential downpour or a snowstorm, they’ve always got a plan.

But not even the most experienced tailgater could’ve been prepared for what happened outside Beaver Stadium on Saturday afternoon. And none of them are going to be happy with the Pennsylvania State Police.


While people were tailgating prior to Saturday’s marquee matchup between Ohio State and Penn State, a helicopter flown by the Pennsylvania State Police flew overhead. No, literally, it was just over the heads of some of the fans tailgating prior to the game. And the wind coming off the propeller caused a lot of damage and chaos.

Grills, tents, cornhole boards, tables and anything else you can imagine went flying through the air as the helicopter passed by. It was one of the craziest things from the college football weekend.

That’s a lot of destruction, a lot of cleanup, and a lot of unhappy tailgaters.

The reason to fly the chopper so low to the ground wasn’t mentioned, but there better be a really good explanation. Otherwise, fans are going to have a lot to say to the police department