James Franklin might’ve inadvertently given Ohio State a little bulletin board material this week. Not that the Buckeyes needed any additional motivation.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Franklin had a couple of blunders. He first said that he was focused on Illinois instead of Ohio State when answering a question about his commitment to the program amidst rumors of interest in the USC job.

“My focus is completely on Illinois, and this team, and this program. I think I’ve shown over my 8 years my commitment to this university and this community. And that’s kind of my statement.”

The Nittany Lions lost to the Illini last weekend 20-18 in 9OTs.

That wasn’t even the most egregious error of the day.

Later on in the press conference, while talking about Ohio State he referred to its stadium as “The Big House,” according to elevenwarriors.com.

That’s a big no-no in Ohio. Probably in Michigan, too.

We are 9 weeks into the college football season, and this was probably just a few misspoken words, but people will micro analyze the press conference and start to speculate if Franklin might be on the move.

This weekend, No. 20 Penn State is on the road to face No. 5 Ohio State in The Shoe in primetime at 7:30 ET on ABC.