J.J. Watt will make hundreds of millions of dollars playing football for a living, so don’t feel too bad for him.

Lately, however, the former Wisconsin star hasn’t had everything go his way.

He missed basically the entire 2016 season with back surgery. That marked the first time he missed a single game in his NFL career.

And on Saturday night, Watt saw his Badgers surrenderĀ a 21-point lead and lose to Penn State in the B1G Championship. He apparently had a wager with former Penn State star Devon Still.

Watt paid up:

Just in case watching his alma mater and brother lose in crushing fashion, Watt will inevitably get some flack about losing another B1G-related bet.

Last year, Watt lost a bet after his Badgers lost to Northwestern. He paid the price for that one, too.

Perhaps Watt should just enjoy Wisconsin games as a fan and not raise the stakes.