Saquon Barkley may be a beast with the ball in his hands, but it turns out he’s a liability as a defensive back.

Barkley was hosting a ProCamp event in New Jersey on Monday, chipping in to coach and interact with boys and girls from first through eighth grade. As a part of that camp, Barkley found himself lined up across from a youngster on defense.

Early in the route, Barkley was fine, cutting off the young receiver. Then, he pulled out all the moves, dropping down and cutting under Barkley’s legs to get free.

Check it out:

It turned out to be quite the day for young Jayden. According to his mother, he has hopes of becoming a Penn State football player and is a huge fan of Barkley.

As for Barkley’s NFL season, he was not quite ready to disclose his status for the start of training camp. He is still working his way back from an ACL tear in 2020.