Math is a unique thing.

Some of us love it, some of us hate it. As a leading university in the engineering world, it’s a subject instrumental to the integrity at Purdue. Oh, and this week, we discovered math can also be fun when it comes to football, too.

Earlier this week, someone took it upon himself to break down the race for the B1G Championship and see what teams needed to do in order to be crowned as a divisional champ. Thanks to numbers and a little too much time, someone discovered that Purdue – yes, that Purdue – still has an outside chance to win the West division and could even be the 2016 title winners.

Here’s what would have to happen for the Boilermakers to raise the trophy in Indianapolis:

There is one flaw in there. Technically, since Purdue beat Illinois, Michigan State wouldn’t have to beat the Illini.

OK, so it’s not like the Boilermakers have a GOOD chance at winning a B1G title this year, but who would’ve even believed they had an outside chance entering Week 10 of the season?

See, I told you math can be fun.