Purdue used some creativity to get a 31-27 victory over Nebraska last weekend. A reverse inside the Huskers’ 10-yard line allowed David Bell to walk into the end zone and get the Boilermakers their third win of the season.

Jeff Brohm’s creative mind and the offense’s perfect execution led to the easiest touchdown of the day for the Boilermakers. But how did it happen?

Big Ten Network analyst and former head coach Gerry DiNardo broke it down in a recent video on Twitter.

DiNardo perfectly explains how Brohm’s designed reverse caught Nebraska off guard and why Bell was able to walk into the end zone without a defender in sight. It’s a much-watch video for Purdue fans.

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to relive the moment a few more times, either. Below is the video, as shared on social media by Big Ten Network: