Charlie Jones is preparing for the NFL Draft, and the former Purdue wide receiver has received high praise from an NFL legend in Steve Smith Sr.

“Mr. Consistent!,” Smith said. “Man, the way his ability to set up the defender, he goes across the middle. Traffic ball? Doesn’t shy away from it. Everything about Charlie Jones that I’ve seen is he checks the box of consistent. Is he where he needs to be? Yes, check. I love his focus, too. He’s laying on his back, he’s catching the ball, tipping it. His concentration, catching the ball on the sideline. Keeping not one foot in, 2 feet in. Going across the middle, catching the ball, knowing the hit’s going to come.”

Jones’ draft profile describes him, in part, this way: “He possesses above average ball skills and has a feel for positioning and focus that creates a solid win rate on his contested catches. He can play zone-beater all day long and has the route savvy to keep improving his short-area separation.”

Smith projected that Jones will be drafted in the later rounds, but has the ability to surprise some people.