Charlie Jones, meet the end zone.

The former Purdue wide receiver flashed his speed Sunday afternoon for the Cincinati Bengals against the Baltimore Ravens, returning a Ravens punt the distance for his first NFL score.

This wasn’t just a straight-line scamper, either. He had to put a couple moves on a few Ravens defenders for the 81-yard score. It’s the Bengals’ longest punt return touchdown since 2000. It’s also the Bengals first punt return touchdown since 2012.

Check it out below:

Jones played for both Iowa and Purdue, but really shined for the Boilermakers last season. He led the Boilers in receiving, totaling 110 receptions for 1,361 yards and 12 touchdowns. he had 1 punt return touchdown in college at Iowa in 2020.

He was picked in the 4th round of the 2023 NFL draft, No. 131 overall.