Purdue is trying to pull off the upset in Iowa City, but a big call went against the Boilermakers in the third quarter.

Driving with a 10-point lead and looking for more, Purdue was deep inside Iowa territory with a shot to increase the lead. It initially appeared the Boilermakers did just that with Aidan O’Connell hitting TJ Sheffield on a short throw. Sheffield dove for the pylon and the play was initially called a touchdown on the field.

However, the booth radioed down that the play was going to be reviewed. After review, it was ruled that the ball left Sheffield’s hand prior to hitting the pylon. That made the play a fumble.

By rule, the fumble bouncing off the pylon is a touchback with possession awarded to the Hawkeyes:

Fortunately for Purdue, the defense did its job, sacking Spencer Petras and forcing Iowa into a quick 3-and-out to get the ball back. The Boilermakers enter the 4th quarter with 17-7 lead and will look to finish off the upset.