Earlier this offseason, Drew Brees announced that he will be returning to the New Orleans Saints for the 2020 season. After that? Brees really hasn’t disclosed his future plans, but he does believe he’s capable of playing until he’s 45.

Saints head coach Sean Payton may have revealed Brees’s future plans with the organization, though. While talking with Mike Greenberg on Get Up on Tuesday, Payton mentioned that the 2020 season could be the quarterback’s final one in the NFL.

The comment made by Payton came when he was talking about the role Taysom Hill will play on the 2020 team. He then mentioned that this season will Brees’s “final season.” Below is the clip:

Brees has had an incredible run in the NFL, but he’s reaching the final years of his professional career. Still, he hadn’t officially made it clear whether or not he’d be playing past the 2020 season.

Payton may have let the cat out of the bag — or maybe it was just a slip of the tongue. Either way, there’s a good chance we don’t hear anything until the end of the season, with Brees potentially evaluating his options at the end of the year.