Rarely is a coach’s vehicle of choice a talking point in college football. There are too many other important things like recruiting, scheme, opponent and preparation to discuss on a daily basis.

But when a coach with one of the highest salaries in the sport is still driving around a car that’s dated by nearly two decades, it’s noteworthy. And though he hasn’t talked about it in awhile, Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm still owns a 2004 Honda Accord.


Brohm’s mode of transportation become a big story shortly after taking the job at Purdue, as it’s typically strange to see such a prominent figure not upgrade his vehicle. But Brohm, now entering his fourth season with the Boilermakers, says the 16-year-old Honda Accord helps keep him grounded.

“Some cars that you have for awhile just have a special place in your heart,” Brohm told Big Ten Network. “That is still in our driveway and still gets used quite a bit.

“It’s important that I use that as motivation for myself. I think we wanna go out and have a great year. We wanna find a way to get better. I think it’s important to always stay grounded. So, I’ve gotta put in the work, all of our coaches and players do. And I think the Honda Accord definitely makes me feel grounded.”

So, there you have it. If Purdue bounces back with a solid season following a 4-8 campaign, we should give some credit to the Honda. Then it may go from vehicle to lucky charm.

Purdue is scheduled to open the season against Iowa at home.