Drew Brees is synonymous with Purdue football. After leading the Boilermakers to the Rose Bowl in 2000 and winning a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints, you could argue he’s the most famous player in program history.

Because Brees enjoyed so much success during his career in West Lafayette, Brees has become a lovable fixture for the Boilermakers, constantly showing support for his alma mater.

Recently, the quarterback was on the Dan Patrick Show and argued that Purdue actually has a strong program history, despite the struggles in recent seasons.

“When people think about Purdue, when they think about football, they don’t necessarily see Purdue as having a strong football reputation,” Brees said in the interview. “But when you really go and look at the number of players that have come out of Purdue, had successful NFL careers, you can make the argument that it actually does have a pretty strong football reputation.”

Brees was also asked if his jersey was retired at Purdue, something the program hasn’t done.

“I don’t think we have any jerseys retired,” Brees said. “There’s probably a lot that would go before me.”

In addition to defending Purdue’s reputation as a football program, Brees also talked about his time in West Lafayette and playing under legendary head coach Joe Tiller.

Oh, and he proceeded to name all of the members of Purdue’s “Cradle of Quarterbacks.”

You can listen to Brees’ full interview with Dan Patrick below: