Retirement looks like it’s been good to Drew Brees.

The Super Bowl XLIV champion made his broadcasting debut Thursday night as an analyst for NBC. He certainly looked the part and did well for a first-timer.

But he managed to light up social media throughout the night. No, it wasn’t because he was channeling Tony Romo and wowing fans with predictions. Instead, fans noticed his new hair line — and, boy, did they do their thing on Twitter.

Brees played at Purdue from 1997-2000 and had a storied 20-year career in the NFL, winning Super Bowl XLIV in 2009 and throwing for more yards than any quarterback in NFL history. He retired in 2020 and signed a deal with NBC to be part of its football studio coverage. He’ll also be a part of Notre Dame football broadcasts this season.

This means we’ll see more of Brees and his majestic new hairdo. Get your memes ready. We’ve got 16 weeks of NFL football ahead of us.