After 20 years in the NFL, Drew Brees decided to retire. The Purdue legend, Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer who spent most of his career with the New Orleans Saints played his last game in 2020.

Now, the 13-time Pro Bowl quarterback is on to other ventures. He’s spending more time with his family, discovering new hobbies and even has a new gig lined up — joining NBC as an analyst for Notre Dame football games and working with the Football Night in America crew beginning this fall.

Even though he doesn’t have the grind of a long football season awaiting, Brees still has plenty to keep him busy.

This week, Brees made an appearance on Ellen to talk about his decision to retire from football, his family’s reaction, some of his new hobbies and his future job behind the microphone. Brees had no trouble providing the details into what went into his decision, either.

Below is the interview from the show: