Purdue University’s athletic department has announced that it is placing a moratorium on all athletic-related activities on November 3, which is Election Day in the United States. The school released a statement on Monday.

Several schools around the country have implemented similar plans for that day, encouraging all student-athletes to exercise their right to vote. It is part of an initiative the B1G has implemented over the last several months to allow student-athletes to be more active.

“We recognize that there is no greater civic responsibility and no better way to make your voice heard than by casting your vote,” said Purdue athletic director Mike Bobinski. “The decision to suspend activities on Nov. 3 was made in an effort to remove any barriers that might prevent our student-athletes or staff from making it to the polls and participating in this important part of our democratic process. I’m proud of our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for bringing this initiative forward and for their commitment to making a difference.”

In June, the B1G launched an Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Coalition and also began its Voter Registration Initiative. In August, commissioner Kevin Warren said that 71 percent of the league’s student-athletes are registered to vote.

“Young people want to exercise their voice,” Warren said on a Sports Business Journal panel. “And they should.”