When you think of some of the top fanbases in college football, who do you think of?

Alabama? Ohio State? Those are just a couple, right?

Not according to Emory University professor Mike Lewis. Lewis’ rankings and the science behind those rankings were published by Yahoo Sports on Thursday.

Jay Busbee released the article — based on Lewis’ brand-centric idea — naming the top 10 fanbases in all of college football and neither the Crimson Tide or Buckeyes made his list. That seems odd.

Well, what about the bottom 5 fanbases within all the Power 5 schools? Is Kansas in there? Rutgers maybe?

Rutgers is in there. But, so is Miami.

That’s right, Lewis has Miami as the fifth-worst fanbase in the sport. Guess who he ranks as the worst.


But, why? Are Purdue’s fans that bad?

Going back to an article explaining more from emory.edu, here’s the explanation on the Boilermakers:

“At the bottom of the Power 5 we have Purdue! Working upwards we then have West Virginia, Rutgers, Virginia, and University of Miami. It’s an interesting list. Probably not too many objections to teams like Purdue and Rutgers. Purdue is in a tough sport for a football program. It’s located in a small state that has multiple college programs. It is also more of a basketball school.”

Truly, Purdue has been more successful in basketball as of late. There are no objections there.

But, ouch. The worst college football fanbase in the country?