Brycen Hopkins and Markus Bailey were given a chance to talk about their favorite memories from their time at Purdue in a recent interview. Both of them had the same answer.

Bailey plays LB for the Super Bowl runner-up Cincinnati Bengals, while Hopkins plays TE for the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. Both played in West Lafayette from 2015-2019, so it shouldn’t be surprising that their favorite memory from Purdue is beating No. 2 Ohio State 49-20 in 2018. Hopkins brought in 3 catches for 37 yards receiving, while Bailey led the team in tackles that night with 15 total tackles and had a pick-6 as well.

Hopkins explained what made the game so special:

“I think the fans had almost more to do with it then the team did,” said Hopkins. “I thank them for being so close to us, and loyal to us. It really showed, especially that day. It show all the time.”

Here is the entire clip: