David Blough is rocking some incredible cleats for this season’s “My Cause, My Cleats” in the NFL.

Though NFL rules prohibit most custom shoes throughout the season, the league has set aside specific dates for players to rock special cleats. The theme is for players to sport cleats honoring and bringing attention to important non-profit organizations around the country.

Blough, the former quarterback of the Boilermakers, surprised absolutely no one when he selected the Tyler Trent Foundation as his cause. Blough was the starting quarterback for much of Purdue’s 2018 season, the final season of Trent’s remarkable journey on this Earth.

Blough, who now serves as a backup for the Detroit Lions, has kept the memory of Trent close. Even though he has not seen action in 2020, he will still sport these cleats as another way to honor Trent.

Check them out:

These are incredible and a beautiful way to remember Trent’s legacy.

Blough started five games as a rookie in 2019, filling in for then-injured starter Matt Stafford.