Earlier this week, disturbing allegations surfaced against former Purdue and Miami QB Robert Marve.

On Friday morning, TampaBay.com reported that he had turned himself into police and faces a charge of “felony battery/domestic battery by strangulation.”

The charge comes after ex-girlfriend Channing Tomes accused Marve of abusing her and, at one point, stomping on her throat. In a text to TampaBay.com, Tomes said she plans to pursue the charges against Marve vigorously:

Soon after Marve’s arrest, Tomes said the following via text message: In a society where people have become comfortable enough with sexual relationships that we have movies and books that sell out featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM), Robert Marve is no Christian Grey. The abuse I, and other victims, endured was sexually based but pure evil. I am beyond relieved to know he is finally exposed as the monster he truly is. I am so thankful for everyone who has worked tirelessly on this case, as well as other victims.

I am adamantly pursuing these charges to ensure no women will ever walk into his life blindly. Robert Marve has continued to escalate in his abuse and on multiple occasions I felt as though I was going to die in his hands. I do not care if I am the face of this case, or if my sexual life, job or school is exposed in this process. My ultimate goal was to see that he never hurt another woman again and stand up for past victims who were too scared to come forward. Rape and domestic violence is never okay. I have found that the only ‘safe word’ with Robert Marve is 911.

Marve’s bond is currently set at $50,000.