Darrell Hazell is entering a make-or-break year in West Lafayette. That much appears obvious.

Purdue won just two B1G games and six games overall in his three seasons at the helm. Many thought that Hazell would be let go at the end of 2015, but Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke kept him around for Year 4.

But with Burke leaving and a new AD already in place, it’s obvious that Hazell has to show major progress to keep his job past 2016.

In fact, Fox Sports college football writer Bruce Feldman ranked the top 10 college football coaches on the hot seat entering 2016. Hazell was at the top of that list.

Here’s what he wrote:

The Boilermakers are in the much easier division in the Big Ten and they’ve still finished in last in each of Hazell’s three seasons there. He is 3-29 against FBS teams, 2-22 against the Big Ten and he’s lost all three to arch-rival Indiana. He won 11 games in his final season at Kent State and has barely won half that many in the three years since. The good news: They probably won’t face anything close to a ranked opponent till mid-October.

Those are all true. Feldman didn’t even mention the fact that Hazell, who has three seasons left on his contract, has a new AD in town.

So what does Hazell have to do to stick around? A bowl would certainly show improvement for a team that’s been at the bottom of the B1G West each of the last three seasons. Purdue receiver D’Angelo Yancey actually guaranteed that would happen in 2016.

Not living up to that bold guarantee could mean the end of the Hazell era.