Jeff Brohm has been an incredibly busy man over the last two days. Usually, this time of year, Brohm would be preparing his Boilermakers to hit the field for the upcoming college football season. Seeing as how the league canceled the fall season, he had to find another way to spend his time.

And as soon as the B1G announced it was cancelling the fall football season and looking at potentially playing in the spring, Brohm hopped behind his desk and started typing out a plan.

Two days later, Brohm produced a detailed spring plan for the B1G season. It assumes a late-February start date with an eight-game season ending in fall. It also amends the fall schedule down to a 10-game season beginning in October.

“I wanted to get some optimism out there,” Brohm told Yahoo’s Pete Thamel. “We all want to play. I’m disappointed that all the Power 5 conferences didn’t work together and make a decision in conjunction. To me, they you feel better about where you are at.”

Playing in the spring has its complications. Not only will there be issues with multiple sports being played, a spring season would bump up against the NFL Scouting Combine, pro days and the NFL Draft.

Not to mention, players would be asked to play somewhere between 18-22 games around a 10-month window in 2021, before (likely) returning to normal in 2022.

Still, it’s a starting point. And Brohm’s efforts over the last two days is more than what occurred in the B1G over the last five months. Plus, the Purdue head coach says he has received some positive feedback.

“Mine has been sent to all of our coaches and administrators to look at. I don’t claim it as the final answer, the final product,” Brohm said. “I have gotten some good feedback. The B1G, I learned early this morning, is working on a plan, as well.”

If the league begins working on a plan now, a spring season may be feasible. And if football is played sometime in the next six months, we’ll all have Brohm to thank.