Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm found Saturday’s double flea-flicker play in an unusual play.

While Brohm was watching high school football on Youtube, he stumbled across the play from a team and then used it during his team’s win against Michigan State.

Jackson Anthrop originally got the ball before there was another handoff to throw the defense off. After that, the ball got back to Aidan O’Connell who then threw it back to Antrhop and he did the rest. He reversed course on the field after mainly running on the left side and broke some tackles before finding his way to the end zone.

This play got the Boilermakers lead up to 2 scores and even though they eventually lost it, they got it back right after and eventually won, 40-29.

There are still 3 games left in Purdue’s season so that means this play could be used again with how successful it was. Its next game will be against No. 6 Ohio State next Saturday.