Jeff Brohm confirmed Monday that Ron English will be Purdue’s defensive play-caller in 2022.

Brad Lambert called the Boilermaker defense last year as a co-coordinator. He left to be sole defensive coordinator at Wake Forest. English, who joined the staff in 2021, holds the titles of co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach.

“Ron English will call our defense,” Brohm told reporters after Purdue’s first spring practice of 2022, prompting a follow-up question on the scheme.

Brohm noted his own involvement in defensive scheme and terminology before pointing to the continuity.

“I think right now, Ron and Mark (Hagen) have been here this past year,” Brohm said. “They understand what we’re looking to try to get done. They understand the general approach of attacking more, guarding things tighter, challenging things, trying to get after the quarterback, being aggressive in our approach.

“And then any new wrinkles that we want to look at or that any of our guys want to come up with, we’ll definitely take a look at it. But I feel very confident that we have good understanding of what we want to do and it’s just about trying to get our guys to fully grasp it so we can go out there and play fast.”

English has prior defensive coordinator experience at Michigan (2006-07), Louisville (2008) and San Jose State (2016). From 2009-to-2013 he was head coach at Eastern Michigan. Prior to Purdue, English coached safeties for 3 seasons at Florida (2018-20).