Jeff Brohm has some strong thoughts about a new recruiting rule in place for college football. Simply put, he is not a fan of the new procedure.

Previously, teams could hit the recruiting trail as soon as the regular season ended. Now, the NCAA has a one-week dead period with teams forced to wait until the Friday after the final regular-season game.

According to Brohm, that’s a rule that was added to help aid “the Ohio States of the world.”

“Well, they changed the rules in recruiting, and in my opinion, they changed it for the Ohio States of the world, so it fits their plan better,” Brohm at his weekly press conference on Monday. “But they changed the recruiting to where now you cannot go on the road right away. You have to wait until the Friday after the last regular-season game. For us, that’s when we will first hit the road and get out and recruit.”

The perceived advantage there is likely that teams not playing in championship games the first week of December cannot get a jump start on the recruiting trail over teams preparing for championship games. But regardless of how Brohm feels about it, he’ll still have to wait even if Purdue isn’t in Indy for the B1G Championship.

The Boilermakers will find out Friday if they still have a shot to win the B1G West. If Iowa loses to Nebraska, Purdue would advance to Indy with a win over Indiana.

(H/T 247 Sports)